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Cleanroom Tool Bag 16"x12"x2.5"

Product No
Country of Origin
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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
100 34KG 17.16'

Cleanroom Tool Bag 16"x12"x2.5"


Dimensions: 16"x12"x2.5" (410 x 310 x 65mm)
Thickness: 0.4mm
Material: PVC
Color: Transparent


◆ Messenger style bags, for engineers working in/between cleanroom and in semiconductor industry.
◆ Transparency is designed for you to easily see through. Clear bags can be used not only in cleanroom working environments but can also be applied where transparency is required, such as airport and stadium sporting events for security reason.
◆ Boday of bag is made of durable and waterproof PVCwhich prevents tarnishing and reduces the possibility of being dusted.
◆ Adjustable straps are designed to disperse weight for more carrying comfort.
◆ Ideal for you to carry when commuting between office and home.
◆ Spacious main compartment and one additional compartment in the front make organizing and storing personal items and tools extremely easy.

Cleanroom Tool Bag 16"x12"x2.5"
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