Tools in 3D Printing

We understand how thrilling it is to realize ideas in your mind from digital files to physical three-dimensional objects. As we see the trend of 3D printing technology continues bringing inspiring change to almost every industry in our times, S-Turbo is proud to support tools essential for smooth adoption of 3D printing in different applications.

In this section, we’re going to introduce tools of the trade which will be useful for any space with 3D printers.



1. Preparation and Maintenance Tools


Allen Wrenches with black oxide finish for better rust resistance is usually the first tool we think of when we tighten or loosen screws in assembling any machinery. With clear marking of sizes on the outer case, handy hex keys in metric or in imperial within your reach are always useful. Don’t forget the ball-end, it’s especially helpful when reaching tight spaces.

Allen Wrenches

Socket Set, which is the tool set that are versatile not only in assembling 3D printers but also applicable in many scenarios of household maintenance. In addition, a Screwdriver Set that includes bits in all shapes, extension bit holder and flexible shaft offers torque and precise access to tight spots all at once!


Socket Set

Screwdriver Set

After taking care bolts and nuts, let’s move on to tools for snipping and clamping. Side Cutter, or called Flush Cutter is for your clipping needs whenever cutting a filament or small wires for electrical purposes has to be done precisely. For general clamping, pairs of non-serrated or serrated Long Nose Pliers that fit your palm, longer with comfort grip, or with the feature of tapered fine tips are among our selection of essential tools to build up efficient working environment of 3D printing.

Flush Cutter

Long Nose Pliers

Digital Caliper is always indispensable when accurate measurement is required such as measuring the dimensions and thickness of 3D printing objects.

Digital Caliper

Let’s not forget to prepare a tidy and organized space for storing spares and consumables with clear plastic storage cases and their customizable compartments in all sizes. Systematically arranging small items such as bolts, nuzzles, and wires in good order will help you access things you need without being tangled or lost in a mess.

Plastic Storage Case 

There are times that troubleshooting a 3D printer is inevitable and it seems that wires, cables, terminals and connectors just don’t connect well. To help a 3D printer run again, a set of practical and easy-to use Wire Stripping and Crimping Tools that will alleviate the stress when do wiring. To prepare wires, firstly applying a wire stripper that neatly remove the end of insulation, then inserting terminals and wires into a crimper that builds a secure connection.

Wire Stripper

Crimping Tools


2. Finishing Tools for Post-Processing


As soon as supported parts come off 3D printer, the process of post-processing and finishing is initiated. To reach the desired results for finishes, whether it’s glossy, slick, furry, or weathered, right tools help facilitate the process with more fun and increase efficiencies. Long Nose Pliers and Craft/Hobby Knifes are often used to separate parts and tear supports, while Flush Cutters and Plastic Cutting Pliers are highly efficient in snipping unwanted build-up of resin.


Long Nose Pliers

Craft/Hobby Knifes

Flush Cutters

Plastic Cutting Pliers

Apart from Files Set that traditionally shaves and smoothes rough edges and surfaces, with the help of Heat Gun which melts away unwanted plastic parts and Smoothing Tool Kit that details plastic material of objects by heat.

Files Set

Heat Gun

Smoothing Tool Kit

Despite availability of various tools, to create smoother surface, proper sanding remains crucial. Sanding usually takes arduous efforts as it requires coming back and forth with different grits of wet sandpapers and sponges. S-Turbo offers multiple alternatives in this hardworking sanding process. Octopus Electric Grinder and its cordless version are must-have tools for bumps and marks removal after tearing down supports. Equipped with Diamond Burrs in various shapes and can be used together with most Abrasive Mounted Points & Polishing Wheels, Octopus Electric Grinder ensures quick removal of nubs especially in cavities, concaves, and harder-to-reach areas, while at the same time, not mars or removes too many details of printed objects.

Octopus Electric Grinder

Diamond Burrs

Abrasive Mounted Points & Polishing Wheels


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