Impulse Sealer, A Manual Heat Sealer Machine That Makes Storage Easy.
We all have similar experiences of feeling frustrated seeing small and trivial items randomly and disorderly being put all around. Those small objects just gradually creep along tables and occupy space that should be clean and tidy. It becomes a hassle especially when certain items are needed and we are simply lost in a room full of clutter.

Actually there are some tools that can help you comb out the tangle. Impulse sealer is one of these. For items which are small, the easiest way is to sort everything and categorize them into each plastic bag first. Especially for those items won’t be used at least for a period of time, including them into plastic bags and then using the impulse sealer to seal the bags is definitely a huge improvement and the first step to take back control on the space you deserve.

Simplicity Is The Best

How simple is it to apply an impulse sealer? Few seconds after it is being turned on and activated, just press down the handle and sealing is completed! Adjusting the heat settings for different materials of bags is also simple as turning a dial.

Safety Is Always The First

Because of its simplicity that makes it popular not only in small business but also in households, safety is the first priority in our mind. Heavy iron base that compose the foundation of the impulse sealer offers stability and reduce the possibility of being tilted when impulse sealers are in use. 

Comprehensive Accessories Support

What if different lengths of sealing are required? Is it possible to replace the heating element and silicone strip if the original ones have been worn out? Those practical demands are heard and addressed by our comprehensive offering of spare parts and accessories of impulse sealers. Dealers who purchase from us can always get the support for spare parts. Supplying high-quality of spare parts is also one of our commitments to prolong the life span of impulse sealers we sell. The heating element is made of flexible nickel and chromium alloy, features with high temperature resistance. And installation and replacement of heating elements and silicone strip is simple with a screwdriver!

Wide Applications

For business or for household and personal projects, impulse sealers are applied when storing and sealing with plastic packaging is required. Impulse sealers are most commonly seen in food supplies business and bakery stores. Food such as tea, candy, cookie and nut are often being categorized into sealed plastic bags before labeling. Electronic industries that keep and maintain small components are also the users for impulse sealers. When it comes to the variety of plastic materials that impulse sealers seal, PE, PP, and PVC are usually the ones we refer to.

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