Introduction of Essential 3D Print Accessories


3D Print Accessories / Tools Introduced by S-Turbo



     3D printing becomes more and more popular in many different aspects, such as medical and electronic industry. Some hobbyists are also interested in designing and creating their own models and figures by using 3D printers.



     In order to make the 3D printed products have a perfect outlook and ensure it works well, a lot of hand tools are needed. Let’s explore which S-Turbo hand tools fit the needs of 3D printing users.


Operation Tools


Polyimide adhesive tape


     When printing ABS on a heated bed, Polyimide Adhesive tape is usually applied to cover print bed because of its strength in withstanding high temperatures. It can protect the bed surface and act as a base layer. Spray some soap water on the glass, lay the tape down on the glass build plate and squeeze out any air and water in between. After putting back and heating the glass to 60~70 degree for one hour and applying bed adhesion solution, the preparation for printing is almost ready!



Post-processing Tools


Flush cutter


     Every 3D printed product has its own support. It’s necessary during printing, in order to hold and maintain the shape of the product. It will be removed after the printing is finished. Before removing the support, make sure there is no necessary parts are inside the support. By using a flush cutter, the support can be cut off and then peeled off by hands easily.




      If the 3D printed product is very tiny, or if its part has to be very accurate, a pair of tweezers is recommended in removing the support. A flush cutter can cut off large chuck of support or the tree support roughly, and then use a pair of tweezers to remove the remaining supports carefully. Although it may take longer time to remove all the supports, this enhances the accuracy of the removing procedure.


Sand paper


     Some surfaces of the products may be coarse and not smooth enough, while some of them show very heavy printing lines. Sand paper is the best choice to sand and polish the product surface. Cutting the sand paper into small pieces would make it easier to use if the size of product and the area that have to be sanded is tiny. Remember to use sand paper with smaller number first. Smaller number such as 20 or 40 indicates a coarse grit, while larger number indicates a fine grit. Gradually switch to fine grit to make sure the sanding procedure is smooth and right.


Rotary tool


     Rotary tool can be used to sand away the support marks. The advantages of using a rotary tool are user can adjust variable speed settings based on their sanding or polishing requirements and at the same time change the burs accordingly with a set of accessories.


     Speaking to rotary tools, one’s motion is rotating and the other one is moving forth-and-back. Besides, there are different diamond burrs to fit the needs. There are different shapes and grit number, choose the most suitable one to sand.


Safety goggles


     During sanding, some dust and small particles will be induced. Safety goggles and mask are suggested to be put on to protect eyes and nose.





     Some holes and lines printed on the product can be seen very clearly just after printing. But when the paint is sprayed or painted on the product, the holes and lines might be half/fully-filled, making them blurred. Before painting, a scriber can be used to carve the lines a bit deeper, so that even the paint is sprayed or painted on the products, the lines can still be obvious.




     If no adhesive tape is used to protect the glass build plate, there will be some excess filament left on it. A brush with soft hair could sweep away them from the printer's nozzle or print bed. High cleaning efficiency and no damage to the glass.



Tool Box


     A plastic box is a fantastic option to keep all the tools. It is hard and its capacity is large, allowing the user to keep more tools in the box. It has different layers and compartments, so that the tools could be classified in details.


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