Sole agent in Taiwan for Klingspor



Klingspor was founded in 1893 in Germany. Being one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality products used for finishing surfaces and cutting off materials, Klingspor has been setting worldwide standards in abrasive technology for more than 100 years. Since Klingspor produces Europe's first waterproof abrasive paper, it has been introducing countless innovations and continuing to set the unparallel standards in the abrasive industry. Today, Klingspor has 36 production and distribution sites all over the world, and has 50 thousand products included in the portfolio. We are very pleased to be the sole agent in Taiwan for Klingspor products and offer different kind of abrasive solutions for your applications.


Abrasive Rolls, Belts, Discs, Sheet, Flapwheels, Bonded Abrasvies and more…are available for customers to choose from, please contact our sales team for more details!




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